About Darrell

Hello! I am a recent electrical engineering graduate with a passion for connected devices and intelligent controls. Through my time at university I sought demanding leadership opportunities including Chair of our IEEE student branch, and as an ambassador for the BSEE program. I am fascinated by technical innovations in the fields of electronics, embedded systems, and machine learning. It is important to me to challenge myself personally and professionally, and to surround myself  with problems that require creative and abstract thought. All of my best moments come when I approach a problem from a unique position.

Just before graduation I was granted the Electrical Engineering Award for Citizenship. This recognized work on projects like planning and building a makerspace, organizing speaking events for local engineering professionals, as well as developing and teaching a biannual microcontroller workshop. This is one of my proudest accolades because it is the best reflection of the effort I enjoy putting into my ventures.

On a personal level I am a curious, adventurous, passionate, and ambitious individual. Because of this I am compelled to my love for hobby electronics, hydroponic gardening, camping/hiking, and homebrewing beer. Though I focus on creating a meaningful experience, I enjoy mentally and physically challenging myself with my hobbies.

I maintain an auspicious outlook, and hold many great aspirations for the future. With careful contemplation, and unique perspective we can accomplish anything.